My Science Communication Journey

I was inspired to write this blog post by the account @MinoritySTEM that was being curated by @Sarah_Cosgriff at the time of the tweet. She described her journey into science communication (sci comm) and it made me reflect on how I've got to my current position as a content designer in a science centre. Unlike … Continue reading My Science Communication Journey

Let’s Talk About Race

I am white and the fact that talking about race makes white people uncomfortable is the very reason we should be talking about it. Talk to other white people about race and what can you do to help fight the corner of people of colour. The asnwer for you might not be easy and that's … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Race

Boobs and Bras

Warning: If you are not comfortable reading about breasts and brassiers, do no read this. Despite staying at home a lot recently and not wearing a bra, I recently purchased an environmentally friendly, reasonably-priced, non-underwired bra which I never in a million years thought would exist! It seems bras have come so far from when … Continue reading Boobs and Bras