Styling for my Spine

Clothing is an important part of many people's identities. I've gone through many phases in my life; monochrome to clashing colours to colour coordinated and hoodies to cardigans to tailored jackets. While most people aim to dress for their body type and shape, I have an extra shape alongside the usual classifications to consider, that … Continue reading Styling for my Spine

My Science Communication Journey

I was inspired to write this blog post by the account @MinoritySTEM that was being curated by @Sarah_Cosgriff at the time of the tweet. She described her journey into science communication (sci comm) and it made me reflect on how I've got to my current position as a content designer in a science centre. Unlike … Continue reading My Science Communication Journey

Boobs and Bras

Warning: If you are not comfortable reading about breasts and brassiers, do no read this. Despite staying at home a lot recently and not wearing a bra, I recently purchased an environmentally friendly, reasonably-priced, non-underwired bra which I never in a million years thought would exist! It seems bras have come so far from when … Continue reading Boobs and Bras

The Gloom

Before the Gloom I'm pretty fearless when it comes to living life. Heights, flying, swimming, creepy crawlies, peanut butter; I can do it all. All except one. The dark is something that I still really dislike. I used to always sleep with a bedside lamp that I could switch on during the night when I … Continue reading The Gloom