Why I love “The Guilty Feminist” by Deborah Frances-White

I've never been one for non-fiction books; all through my childhood I would have my head buried in another world and happily run alongside the fictional characters in my daydreams as I pretended I was part of the story. Of course, at university I read countless research papers, but since Microbiology wasn't a career I … Continue reading Why I love “The Guilty Feminist” by Deborah Frances-White

Shot to the Heart

In preparation for starting my masters I’ve been doing some extra reading which means I’ve actually had to get books out of the library. I feel like I’m getting super ready to start postgraduate study! One book that I’ve taken out, Communicating Science to the Public, is a collection of journal papers about science communication … Continue reading Shot to the Heart

Speak Up

I feel the need to discuss whether scientists should be made to communicate their work. This is mainly because this Friday at the weekly SciParty I was surprised to find myself fighting for the opinion that no, not all scientists should have to communicate their work. I’m still asking myself why I did this mainly … Continue reading Speak Up