dsc09273-001My name is Jennie and I am currently studying Microbiology at the University of Nottingham. I’m now in my third year which is scary and the main reason I started this blog. There are so many grown up things that you have to do in third year; starting a research project, being allowed to work in the lab and thinking about what happens after graduation.

I’m hoping that my future will be filled with some sort of science communication job. Working for the World Health Organisation on their antibiotic awareness campaign would be the dream but I know I’ll have to work hard and get lots of experience to achieve that! Next year I’ve been accepted to start a Science Communication Masters at Bristol UWE which is a great first step towards my dream career!

I like to do science communication with the help of my Giant Microbes; soft fluffy versions of the bugs that cause disease. They make conveying what might be a boring, science message more fun and accessible which hopefully shows in the pictures I’ve taken. Whenever I’ve taken them to fairs in the past people love them and want one of their own. I used them mainly as props to make posts on the Instagram account for UoN’s Microbiology Society (MicroSoc) of which I was a part of until recently.

In 2016 I became part of of the Early Career Scientist (ECS) Committee within the Society for Applied Microbiology. I love to talk to people at the best of times but being able to talk to them about science without boring them is a definite bonus! As of July 2017 I will become Publications Officer and get to write about their future conferences in the magazine that is sent out to their members… so exciting! At the most recent ECS symposium I used one of my giant microbes, Percy the Pimple in a twitter campaign to advertise the event and I was encouraged by other committee members to use him in my tweets throughout the day which was great fun!

One of my passions is antibiotic resistance and even though I love to talk about it I am interested in a vast array of other subjects outside microbiology. If you are interested in Antibiotic Resistance though, or want to know more about it then you can visit this online resource that I made about different aspects of the subject; Antibiotic Resistance: Spread Awareness, not Resistance.

If you like fiction, my dad and I have a blog where we post short stories that pop into our heads; A Thousand WordsEach picture is linked to a picture that we have taken either in the past or on the day that inspiration struck. Photography is another one of my hobbies and I have just completed my portfolio for a photography module that I took as part of my degree. This led to me adding Instagram to my growing list of social media profiles and so if you want to take a peek at my photos, search jenniefrench95 and see what you find!